13.8. 2014 Why are we Oxford House?

Dear students,

We would like to inform you that since 4th August 2014 we are called Oxford House. This change relates to our website which is now www.oxfordhouse.cz and to the contact email info@oxfordhouse.cz. As a language school Oxford House, we will continue to provide public, individual and in- company courses. Our second part – OxfordTEFL – remains as a training centre for future teachers who you can meet in the morning courses AM training.

This change will have a positive impact on our collaboration with our mother company Oxford House in Barcelona which will help us to improve our services.

We would also like to invite you to the new courses which start on 1st September. You can choose from our popular morning courses such as AM, AM training and conversational course Extra Friday. In the evening there are PM courses ready for you.

n September we also open plenty of specialized courses such as preparation courses for FCE and CAE exams. Before making a reservation you need to take a written exam at the school which will take you about 30-40 minutes. Please book the date of this exam via email in advance and take the test before 20th August.

Your knowledge of business English skills can be improved in our Business English course where the required minimum level of English is B1. However, we did not forget A0 students, who can sign up to our Beginner course. To our C1 level students we offer special Advanced course.

It’s possible to divide the tuition for FCE, CAE and Business English courses into two payments.

Please make your reservation via email, phone or use the online reservation system on our website. You can check your level in the online level test.

We hope that you will choose from our offer.

Kind regards,

Oxford House

Oxford House