13.2. 2017 Summer offer is ready!

Are you looking forward to studying English in the summer? Don’t miss our special summer offer this year! The courses are new, flexible, dynamic, useful and fun.

Do you prefer to take it easy and relax more during the summer? Our new Summer English RELAX is the best choice. Three weeks of English, twice a week, 90 minutes lessons. Find more information here. Do you prefer to be more active, need to improve quickly and would like to study really intensively? Reserve your place in our Summer English INTENSE. Two weeks, four times a week, 120 minutes lessons. To find out more, check our website. Both courses are taught by qualified and experienced teachers and run in levels from A1 to C1. Take our online test before registration to choose a suitable level for you.

What else? You can get a discount too! Buy more than one course during the summer and get 10% off total price. You can reserve your place online via our online reservation system or simply contact us on info@oxfordhouse.cz or 724 999 155. We are looking forward to seeing you!