13.5. 2016 Summer English course

Improve your level of English quickly with our intensive summer course in air-conditioned classrooms in the center of Prague!

We offer you a practical and dynamic intensive English summer course, which will help you to improve all your skills in the language, especially communication, so that you can face any real life situation confidently. All the teachers are TEFL qualified with at least two years of experience. No text book is required for this course. You will find yourself taking part in diverse activities aimed at practicing different areas of English, not just conversation. You will work on grammar, pronunciation, comprehension, reading, writing and communicative abilities to help you improve your overall level. Please make sure that you take our level test before booking it.

The course gives you the opportunity to practice your English every day, Monday through Thursday for three weeks. It contains 12 * 120 min lessons (5 min break) from 14.00 to 16.05 and all that for just 1990 CZK. Book the course here.