15.6. 2016 International Project Management

Project management is a universal discipline used in all industry sectors including: central & local government; energy; space and aerospace; manufacturing; information technology; construction; education and training; healthcare; advertising & marketing and event management.

English has become the language of international project management. However, the highly specialized vocabulary used in the most popular methodologies presents significant challenges for non-native English speakers.

The course goes beyond introducing the vocabulary of project management. It enables learners to apply the key principles of international project management in the context of the essential project management activities: planning, monitoring progress, and managing risk, quality and change.

Learning Outcomes

  • Applied knowledge of key principles
  • Essential management information
  • Management of risk, quality and change
  • High level business English skills

Who Should Attend

  • Non-native English speakers from any industry sector who have a role to play in a project where English is the working language.