31.8. 2017 Course for real beginners

Now it is the right time to start with learning English!

Do you feel that nowadays it is necessary to speak English whether because of work or traveling and you don’t know how to start with English from the very beginning? Did you go to school at times when English wasn’t taught yet or have you already forgotten almost everything? Then we have a solution for you – our course Beginner!

The course is designed for students who have no or minimal experience with learning English. The course is taught by a certified teacher who has a lot of experience with teaching beginners so he knows the best how to make the lessons the most enjoyable and effective. You will easily progress thanks to the individual approach, the maximum of students in one group is 10. By completing this course you will reach level A1 so you will be able to use English not only in your personal or professional life but also in other more advanced English courses.

During the course you use the student book English Unlimited – Starter which you can buy at our school for a favorable price 400 CZK.

The course is from the 2.10.2017 to 21.3.2018. Start with learning English now!

If you have any questions we will be happy to answer them via our e-mail info@oxfordhouse.cz or via the phone number +420 724 999 155.

You can also register for the course here via our website.

We are looking forward to you! 🙂