20.10. 2016 How to manage Business English?

Are you in touch with Business English more and more? Are your business partners or clients from abroad? and is English basically your Esperanto? In that case you will really benefit from the skills you can obtain from completing our Business English course!

  • Describe your job, work position and business you are in.
  • Write a CV and practise your interview skills.
  • Business meetings.
  • Business emails.
  • How to give a presentation and keep the listeners focused.
  • And much more…Business English course starts every month and happens on Tuesdays and Thursday either at 17.50-19.10 or 19.20-20.40. The course is perfect for those with B1, B2 or C1 level of English. The next course starts on 1.11.2016 and there are still a couple of spaces available. You can book the course here for a more than favourable price 2900 CZK.

Business English