21.9. 2016 General English and Conversation Club

We would like to introduce you are improved evening English courses. Get to know our new courses General English and Conversation Club!

General English courses are designed to help students make progress with English study and follow a structured syllabus from level A1 – C1. All the General English courses are built on a mix of grammar and vocabulary with a strong focus on communication in the classroom. Each course will have a coursebook which is used as a foundation for the syllabus. Students can either get hold of the coursebook by themselves or purchase it for a special price (450 CZK) before the first class at the school. As the spaces are limited we recommend to book the chosen space online as soon as possible. Book course now!

Conversation Club is basically speaking. This course doesn’t follow any syllabus and you can join it anytime you wish. There is no formal grammar study, but the teacher corrects and helps students improve their accuracy. The course runs at various times so you can easily work it around their schedule as it is only once a week. Is it not enough for you? Then book either more Conversation Clubs at once or combine this offer with the General English. Book course now!