4.4. 2017 Do maximum for your study of English!

Take an advantage of other opportunities to improve your English. In addition to English courses Oxford House provides even more opportunities to enhance your studies.

Students‘ library offers a wide range of books from level A0 after C1. Along with the book, you can also borrow an audio CD, so you can extend not only your vocabulary, but also your pronunciation. More information here and at the reception.

Pub Night is a great opportunity to improve your spoken English. Have a tasty drink with tutors and fellow students  and discuss different topics and experience a pleasant evening with Oxford House outside the classroom. The upcoming Pub Night is taking place on 04.05.2017. More info here.

OH Connect is an online platform that is available to students of General English and special courses. You can get extra materials, homework, share posts with your teachers and classmates  to enrich your English studies. OH Connect platform can be found here.

Word of the Day is a board which can be found right in our school. Every day we have a new word, a definition and example. Expand your vocabulary every day.