About us

The school was founded in 1998 by Duncan Foord and Nick Rawlinson, two English teachers that had worked in Barcelona as teachers, directors of studies and teacher trainers since the early nineties. In 2001, the second centre was opened in Prague in the Czech Republic.

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We are innovative and constantly seeking to improve our service, listening to our students, our staff members and developments in the field of language learning or teaching. We are proud to say that this has resulted in a steady growth in our company, and our loyal students continue to recommend us to those around them.

Why Oxford House?

High teaching standard

All our teachers are qualified and experienced. We know what our clients need and how to ensure maximum profit from their investment.

Student-oriented approach

Dealing with people is an essential part of our work. We respect our clients and try to do our best to please them. Due to our long experience in this business, we have built a great and a very close relationship with our clients. Our loyal students continue to recommend us to people around them. We really appreciate that you have chosen us.


Since 1998 we have been leaders in teaching Business English in Barcelona and since 2002 we have been running classes in Prague, too. We work for more than 20 clients, teach 75 groups and in total provide more than 5 500 teaching hours a year.

Good location

We are located in the center of Prague about 4 minutes walk from the metro station Národní třída. Easily accessible by metro line B or trams n. 6, 9, 18, 22.

Our team

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    Duncan Foord

    Founder and Director

    Duncan Foord is the co-founder of Oxford House and Director of the school in Barcelona. He has more than 20 years’ experience teaching English and training teachers, administrative teams and managing teams in matters of methodology, communication and leadership. He has also worked in France, the Czech Republic and Great Britain. He has published two books: “The Language Teacher’s Survival Handbook” (co-written with Lindsay Clandfield) and “The Developing Teacher”. His interests include music (he plays the guitar once in a while) and sports (he plays football, but slowly).

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    David Young

    Director of TESOL courses in Prague

    David has been teaching English since 1993. He has taught in Spain and the Czech Republic and became part of Oxford House team in February 2001. He has designed and managed various specialised courses for engineers and managers of multinational companies in Syria. He has worked as Director of studies in a language school in Prague. After completing the Trinity Diploma in TESOL, he worked in teacher training in Barcelona, Madrid, Hong Kong, Paris  and in 2002 he became Course Director for the Cert TESOL programme here at Oxford House Prague. His hobbies are football and cooking.

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    Karin Krummenacher

    Course Coordinator of TESOL courses

    Karin, originally from Switzerland, joined the team in 2015 as Course Coordinator and CertTESOL tutor. She has extensive experience of teaching public, in-company and individual courses for General English, Business English, Exam preparation and ESP classes to pre-school children, teenagers and adults across all competency levels. Karin has been working as a tutor on initial teacher training courses since 2013 and takes an active interest in teacher development and equality in the EFL industry. Generally, she is shockingly passionate about most things in her life, representing the famous Swiss neutrality only on very rare occasions and much prefers a good whiskey to chocolate.

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    Sean Hayward

    Senior Teacher

    Before Sean became an English teacher, he had worked in banking and retail. Sean studied English Literature and Social Psychology at Lancaster University. He has been teaching English since 1997. He got his qualification at Oxford House in Barcelona, where he was trained by the co-founders of Oxford House Duncan and Nick. He worked in Barcelona for 6 years. In 2002 he completed Trinity Diploma in TESOL and became a teacher trainer in Oxford House. In 2003 he started working with David in Prague.

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    Dan Baines

    Director of Studies

    Dan is from a small seaside town in the North-West of England and when he first came to Prague in 2004 it was love at first sight. Despite an attempt to move away in 2008, he couldn’t resist the beauty of both the city and the people so he came back and now lives permanently in Prague with his wife and daughter. When he isn’t teaching he spends his time tasting as many different types of beer as possible and watching football. He holds both a diploma and MA in English Language Teaching and takes a special interest in teachers’ continuing professional development. He is the Director of Studies as well as being an in-house English teacher.

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    Monika Bubáková

    Marketing and sales manager

    Monika has been living in Prague since 2005. She has a university degree in Marketing. In her free time, she likes travelling and she is keen on cinematography. She has been working in Oxford House  since September 2008.

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    Monika Kučerová

    Office manager

    Monika has lived in Prague for several years. The busy city is fun for her, but it is her dream to visit a warmer and sunnier location. She is currently studying university and spends her free time with friends or doing sport activities. She has worked in Oxford House since 2014 and she especially appreciates the combination of her two hobbies – administrative work and the possibility of daily use of English.